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The 'Mentor Hours' link for booking an appointment with an IITB alumni mentor is now LIVE with the details of each mentor's profile. Please go ahead and book a slot to connect with them. Read all the instructions carefully before booking a slot for your team. Also, we advise to book a slot only with the mentor whose profile and mentor areas resonate well with you and revolves around the areas where you want to gain insight in.



Basic Rules

  1. Only single slot booking is allowed at a time. You may book another slot only after your previous session is over.
  2. Back to back or double slot booking will be cancelled, unless prior written permission has been obtained from the mentor and it has been cc-ed or forwarded to [email protected].
  3. Provide some background of your idea/concerns or proposed topic of discussion, in the form associated with the mentor session booking.
  4. Come prepared to give a brief introduction and use the time efficiently.
  5. You are advised to avoid contacting the mentor outside of these mentoring hours, unless permission is granted by the mentor and it has been sent over email with cc to [email protected].
  6. IDEAS Program or DSSE is not responsible to vet any mentor advice. Please implement and make your decisions based on your understanding and at your own risk.
  7. Email to [email protected] if you have any queries.

Couple of points to note

  1. Mentors will be available from 1st July to 31st July 2020.
  2. The slot availability visible on Calendly page for a particular mentor is fixed and request for any change to that will not be considered.
  3. In case you do not find current mentors falling under your domain, please keep checking the space. We may add more mentors as and when they confirm their availability.
  4. Incase you do not find any available slot for a particular mentor, that means all his/her available slots have been booked by other teams.
  5. Any booking will take place only before 48 hours of the available Mentor's slot time. This is to let Mentors book a slot for your team in advance.
  6. Once your slot booking shows as confirmed, you'd automatically receive an email from Calendly with Zoom call details.
  7. Each team will be allowed 30 mins per slot. Please join the call on or before time to avoid any possible delay.

Experience: 30+ yrs of work ex, StartUp incubated at SINE

Prof Aliasgar is an IITB graduate with work experience of almost 30+ years as Professor. He completed his Ph.D at IIT Bombay in 1978 and joined Mumbai University as Lecturer the following year. He then joined Carleton University (Canada) as Postdoctoral Fellow and then Texas A&M University as Research Associate. After working as RA at Texas A&M University for almost 2 years, he returned to India and Joined IIT Bombay as Professor in 1984. After retiring from IITB in 2015, he joined Dhofar University (Oman) as Professor & DEAN. Prof Aliasgar has published 56 journal articles and has co-authored 60+ publications so far. He also had a startup incubated at SINE (IIT Bombay), one of the early companies.

Experience: Founder Director & CEO of Dhargalkar Technoesis (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Umesh completed his bachelor's degree (Civil Engg.) in 1982 and Master's degree (Structural Engg.) in 1985 from IIT Bombay. Currently he is the Founder Director & CEO of Dhargalkar Technoesis (I) Pvt. Ltd. established in 1997 in Mumbai, India. Technoesis is a consulting firm with domain expertise in the construction field acquired over past 20 years. Technoesis is accredited by Consultancy Development Centre, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. Umesh Dhargalkar has the requisite professional licenses, memberships of professional bodies and has published technical papers at national and international conferences and technical journals. He has keen interest in research, development and training and has constantly remained in touch with leading institutions and industry experts. He has organized many short/ long term professional training courses, seminars, workshops and expert lectures and has trained more than 1500 engineers.

Experience: Associate Professor, Member Board of Studies Civil Engg. at Mumbai University

Dr. Ajay is an Associate Professor in Civil Engineering at BVB's SPCE Mumbai and has 25+years of teaching experience. He has been working on many research projects related to Infrastructure Engg., Water resources Engg. Specialized in Offshore, Ocean & Coastal Engg., Civil Engg. He is actively involved in reviewing research papers at national and international journals. He is also a Member Board of Studies Civil Engineering at Mumbai University and Reviewer at International Journals ASCE, Elsevier, Actapress, Hindwai. Some of his important publications are: 2003: Estimation of pile group scour using neural networks,Applied Ocean Research, Elsevier, Oxford. 2009: Data driven methods to analyze wave buoy observations,ASCE Int.Workshop on Computing in CE. Austin,Texas. 2010: Wave simulation and forecasting using wind time history and data driven methods, J. of ships & Offshore Structures,Taylor and Francis. 2010: Real time prediction of ocean waves using wind time series, Conf. Water 2010, Qubec, Canada. 2012: Applications of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Simulation and Forecasting of Wind Wave proceedings of QIP short term course on Coastal Processes and Modeling.

Experience: 13 yrs of experience with industry such as Thermax, Alfa laval and Praj on thermal engg.

Dr. Pramod completed his undergrad in 1983 and joined IIT Bombay in the same year for Masters program in Energy Management and joined Thermax Limited as Project and Proposal Manager in 1985. He completed his Ph.D in 2013 from Nagpur University. Dr. Pramod has 13 years of experience with industry such as Thermax, Alfa laval and Praj on thermal engineering and has capabilities of designing thermal systems. He is an expert in Separation membranes such as RO ,UF, MF and Membrane processes. He has been faculty in Chemical Engineering, Project Engineering, Project Management. He is a successful educationist and can work on syllabi and education management. He also provides skill training in energy and thermal engineering.

Experience: IIT-IIM graduate with 10+ yrs of work ex in varied industries

Kushal is an IIT-IIM graduate with professional work experience of almost 10 years in varied industries like refined oil, poultry, poultry feed, hospitality, renewable energy, agrochemicals and specialty chemicals, oil & gas across all the domains viz sales, marketing, finance, M&A’s, data analytics, operations, projects, logistics, purchase, supply chain, R&D, registrations, legal & human resources. Kushal's experience includes working with the top management (CXO’s & MD’s) and consultants like Bain & Co., KPMG, EY, Reditt Consulting, Universal Consulting etc across different roles and positions in IB Group, Mehra Group, KK Modi Group and a “Navratna” organization HPCL.

Experience: B.Tech '04 IITB Head - Programs, Desai Sethi School of Entrepreneurship, IITB

Dr. Love Sarin is the Coordinator for the mentoring programs offered by DSSE, including IDEAS, WiE and I-NCUBATE. He is an alumnus of IIT Bombay (B.Tech., Chemical Engineering, 2004), and holds a PhD from Brown University (2010). He has 4 US patents and has won grants from the National Science Foundation (USA), taught entrepreneurship programs for TiE Boston and co-founded a cleantech start-up in USA. After returning to India in 2012, he worked with Reliance Industries Limited, in innovation management and intra-preneurial roles in emerging technologies, before joining DSSE in 2018. He leverages his rich experience in techno-commercial development and organization building for structuring the growth of the startups in our programs and to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs.

Experience: Overall Coordinator, Desai Sethi School of Entrepreneurship, IITB

Dr. Aparna Rao has been Senior Project Manager at DSSE since 2014, overseeing all operations, coordinating various courses and hand-holding student startups. She liaisons with various departments and centres inside IITB, as well as Mumbai University, Dibrugarh University and Andhra Pradesh. She also engages with Deshpande Foundation, Hubli for their Skill in Village programs and curriculum development. She holds a Ph.D. in Management and double Master’s in Management and English from University of Mumbai. Her experience of almost 3 decades includes teaching across KG to PG. Starting her career with Bhavan’s College, Andheri, she has been associated with several engineering and business schools in Mumbai including SPCE, SPIT, Fr. Agnel’s, DBIT, JBIMS, KJ Somaiya’s IMSR, SIESCOMS and Chetana’s. She also consults for educational institutions and is a Cambridge certified English Language Examiner.

Experience: Project Manager, Desai Sethi School of Entrepreneurship, IITB

Shakti Tripathy, is Project Manager at DSSE, handling a variety of responsibilities, including system administration, interfacing with the student bodies (E-Cell, Tinkering Lab, STAB) and mentoring early stage student start-ups. He also coordinates partner events such as E-Summit and TechConnect. Shakti brings great energy and a go-getter attitude to the team. He has a Bachelors’ degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters’ degree from The Energy and Resources Institute School of Advanced Studies, New Delhi (2010). He worked at Accenture and Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, before joining DSSE in 2014. He has been associated with entrepreneurship since his college days and enjoys teaching, researching and writing in his free time.

Experience: Asst. Project Manager, Desai Sethi School of Entrepreneurship, IITB

Abhimanyu is an Assistant Project Manager at DSSE, contributing to IDEAS, WiE and I-NCUBATE programs. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 2015 from ITM University Gwalior, where he co-founded, led and worked with several student clubs/NGOs/NPOs/Social ventures. He worked with two companies (Language consulting and Blockchain & ICO consulting firms), and also built and led a Cloud-based food-tech startup, before joining DSSE in 2019.

Our Mentors


IITB Alumni

Aliasgar Contractor

Mentor Areas: Electrochemistry, Conducting Polymers, Sensors and Biosensors, Chemical engineering

Umesh Dhargalkar

Mentor Areas: Civil/Structural Engineering, Consultancy and Professional Training in Construction Industry

Ajay Kambekar

Mentor Areas: Civil Engineering, Infrastructure Engg., Water resources Engg., Offshore, Ocean & Coastal Engg

Dr. Pramod Deshpande

Mentor Areas: Renewable energy based product and system development, Process plant development, Project engineering for process plant, Project cost engineering and bankable proposal, Project management support and guidance

Kushal Ingole

Mentor Areas: Ideation, Building a team, Marketing Strategies for a Startup, Selling to Industry (B2B), Contract Negotiations, IP Strategy, Product Development, Social Impact, Pitching an Idea to Investors, Personal growth, Social Entrepreneurship

Dr. Love Sarin

Mentor Areas: Ideation, Getting Started, Customer Discovery, Business Model Building, People Management, Conflict Management, Project Management, Productivity, Communication, Leadership, Techno-Commercials, Lab-to-Market

DSSE/IDEAS Faculty/Staff

Dr. Aparna Rao

Mentor Areas: Basic communication, articulating ideas, designing interview schedules ~ conducting interviews, questionnaires for survey, methods to be followed on the ground

Shakti Tripathi

Mentor Areas: Basic secondary research needed for early stage startups, Startup metrics - Numbers to look for/validate during customer discovery/validation phase

Abhimanyu Kumar

Mentor Areas: DSSE programs, rules/eligibility