Registered teams are required to follow the rules throughout the competition.
More rules can be added at the discretion of E-Cell, IIT Bombay.

  • Only one team will be allowed to represent a college in the challenge.
  • In case of multiple entries from the same college, the teams would be clubbed together in a single team.
  • For selecting a Team Leader from a college, we will connect the entries before 1st September. After mutual agreement between multiple teams within 3 days, Team Leader should be decided and an official document with new team members should be submitted by 4th September.
  • After 1st september, i.e. if there are still multiple teams from the same college, the execution of Preliminary tasks should be done by the teams in collaboration with each other. They can give the submissions separately although.
  • If multiple submissions(of Preliminary task) even after 4th Sept the better performing entry reserves the right to select the team leader and further entries would be clubbed.
  • After you apply for the Basic track, the decision to let you continue in Basic track remains with E-Cell, IIT Bombay. We can even make you participate in Advance track. The decision made by E-Cell IITB will be the final and unquestionable.
  • Semifinalist teams will be selected based on their performance in preliminary tasks.
  • Please find attached NEC Brochure here. This can be used to show to your faculty when required.
  • For all live events and sessions, you must go live on any of the social media pages of your E Cell (Facebook)
  • You can add other team members after registration, but it is preferable that you do it as soon as possible. However, you must have at least 3 members in the team prior to registration.
  • Winners of last year are not allowed to participate this year.
  • Please Email us the queries on [email protected], in urgent cases you can reach us on WhatsApp for any doubts (a message is preferred over a call).


Team Size: Minimum - 3 Members; Recommended - 15 to 20 Members

  • Teams who are participating for the first time & don't have an E-Cell in their college are advised to register in the BASIC track.
  • Previous teams who were a part of the BASIC track but not in the TOP 10 are allowed to register in the BASIC track only if there is a change of more than 50% in the team.
  • It is mandatory for the top 10 teams ( BASIC ) of previous years to participate in ADVANCE track this year
  • Teams who took part in the ADVANCED track last year are not allowed to register in the BASIC track.

NOTE : The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay reserves the final right to place a particular team in a fitting track.


Bonus Checkpoint 1

Semifinalist Result & Stage 1 Launch

Preliminary Task

Registration Deadline

Launch Day
Preliminary Task
Boss Task
Comprehensive Task

Leaderboard 3

Stage 3 Launch

Leaderboard 2
Boss Task

Bonus Checkpoint 2

Stage 2 Launch

Leaderboard 1

3rd August

Launch Day
Preliminary Task Launch

4th September

Registration Deadline

20th September

Preliminary Task Deadline

26th September

Semifinalist Result and Stage 1 Launch

20th October

Leaderboard 1 Update

25th October

Stage 2 Launch

15th December

Leaderboard 2 Update

5th January

Leaderboard 3 Update

15th January

Final Submission



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