Introducing illuminate

A series of Pre-Eureka Business Model Workshops


Illuminate 2019 is a series of pre-Eureka! one-day Workshops on Entrepreneurship and Business Model drafting across India, conducted by E-Cell, IIT Bombay. These workshops will precede E-Cell, IIT Bombay's flagship competition, "Eureka!" - the annual B-Model competition to encourage youth towards entrepreneurship. Eureka! Organized by E-Cell, IIT Bombay has been acclaimed as "Asia's largest Business Model Competition" by Thomson Reuters in 2010. These workshops will be conducted in all region across India with students enthusiastic to learn about Entrepreneurship.


This workshop aims to inspire and train young students who have a desire to do something fruitful for themselves, their institution, family, society and the nation. The workshop will be completely interactive, with ideation and team building exercises for students to generate ideas, make business plans, learn about funding and identify their strengths in the area of entrepreneurship. Participants at these workshops will be encouraged to write and submit their business plans to Eureka! It will be conducted by leading entrepreneurs, angel investors, IIT/IIM alumni, and mentors. All students whether from engineering, management or any other background are invited to take part in the workshop.


The participants will be rewarded with a certificate of participation from E-Cell IIT Bombay. Along with that, students will get a chance to take part in Eureka! 2019 and if selected in the semifinals, they will be invited to IIT Bombay for one-on-one mentoring and the grand finale and stand a chance to win prizes worth INR 5 million.

The workshops are very interactive and activities are designed in such a way that encourages you to interact with the speaker and other participants. Various questions like- What are the most common mistakes by an entrepreneur?When to startup?Why is a B-Model necessary?What do VCs look for in a B-Model?How to pitch your product in front of investors? will be answered.

Content of Workshop

Introduction to Entreprenuership

Get insights into entrepreneurship and the challenges faced in business. What is the mindset of entrepreneurs? What are Skill-sets required for starting up?

Problem identification and idea generation

Learn how to generate new ideas and how to get your idea validated? Find your ideas and validate your idea to check its feasibility.

Team Formation

Find out the importance of building a strong team and what are the ways in which you can develop a good team for your startup and idea.

Get started with Business Model Canvas

Understand what is a business model and why it is important. Start making your own business model using lean startup canvas. Once you get how to draft it, you can modify and improve it with time by considering more factors.

Practice your learning

Practice what you have learned about Business Model Canvas. Make a team among yourself and start filling the BMC on the generated idea.

Finance fundae and basic terms

Understand the basics of finance required for startups. Figure out various types of pricing strategy and funding types. Meaning of some important and common jargons of the entrepreneurship world.

Basics of pitching

Understand the importance of pitching and get some insights on how to effectively pitch your product in front of investors?

The final Pitch

Get a chance to present what have you learned by Pitching in front of the mentor and get reviews from the mentor on how to tweak your business model/idea.


Clear your doubts about anything and everything related to workshop and Entrepreneurship.


Course Material | Startup Kit | Certificates by E-CELL, IIT BOMBAY
To register for the workshop kindly mail your details to [email protected]


  • The workshop was very interactive. We learned a lot of things starting from idea generation and validation to pitching in front of investors. This workshop has everything that a budding entrepreneur needs.

    — Ifrah Noor

  • Illuminate helped us in improving our soft skills and we learnt how to communicate our thoughts with others, how to generate an idea and execute it.

    — Shivam Pratik

  • I learnt how important it is to have a goal in life and also it is very important to be confident and have good communication skills.

    — Faika Khan

Workshops Conducted

College Date Region
Vivek College of Commerce 27th Jan Mumbai Download your certificate
GSFC University 13th Nov Gujarat Download your certificate
Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology 12th Nov Karnataka Download your certificate
RV INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT 9th Nov Karnataka Download your certificate
Sri Venkateswara College 7th Nov Delhi Download your certificate
Chandigarh University 5th Nov Punjab Download your certificate
Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women, University of Delhi 31st Oct New Delhi Download your certificate
Toc H Institute of Science and technology 25th Oct Kerala Download your certificate
Kalyani Government Engineering College 23rd Oct West Bengal Download your certificate
Shree LR college of Engineering 23rd Oct Maharashtra Download your certificate
College of Engineering Adoor 22nd Oct Kerala Download your certificate
Institute of Chemical Technology 20th Oct Mumbai Download your certificate
Terna Engineering College 19th Oct Mumbai Download your certificate
Government Engineering College 14th Oct Madhya Pradesh Download your certificate
Parul Polytechnic Institute 10th Oct Gujarat Download your certificate
ISBR Business School 29th Sept Bengaluru Download your certificate
K.P.B HINDUJA COLLEGE OF COMMERCE 27th Sept Mumbai Download your certificate
DSIMS 26th Sept Mumbai Download your certificate
Thadomal Shahani Engineering College 25th Sept Mumbai Download your certificate
National Engineering College 20th Sept Tamil Nadu Download your certificate
IFIM Business School 16th Sept Bengaluru Download your certificate
Faculty of Business Administration (GLSBBA) 9th Sept Ahmedabad Download your certificate
VIT 3rd Sept Bhopal Download your certificate

Last Year's Speakers

Puneet Raman

Puneet Raman

Founder & Director

Devesh Chawla

Devesh Chawla

Founder and CEO
Chatur Ideas

Balram Nair

Balram Nair

Vice President
The Chennai Angels

Umesh Rathore

Umesh Rathore

Marketing strategist & Founder
Lean Campus Startups

Rajiv Indimath

Rajiv Indimath

Founding Partner
InCa Growth Partners LLP

Vikrant Bhujbalrao

Vikrant Bhujbalrao

Founder, Director

Saurabh Jambure

Saurabh Jambure

Senior Product Manager
Nearby Technologies Pvt Ltd

Ali Husen

Ali Husen

Tape A Tale