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Eureka! Updates

Final Results of Eureka! 2011 are out!

Eureka! Final Results

Eureka! Business Winner(Joint)    EduEdge   
Shreya Mishra   
Prithika Vageeswaran
Gouri Nawathe
Neeraj Jain
Sujata Dev
Ketaki Haldipurkar
Alpana Mishra
Eureka! Business Winner(Joint)   Pingtech   
Prashanto Das
Huzefa Roowala
Anagha Rajadhyaksha

Eureka! Social Winner    Greenway Grameen Infra
Neha Juneja
Ankit Mathur
Eureka! Social First Runner-up(by rollover from Second Runner-up)   Aakar Innovations
Jaydeep Mandal
Salomi Nautiyal
Bhawna Anjalay
Hemant Kumar
Sombodhi Ghosh

Technology and Sustainable Development Prize Winner    Ecozen Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Vivek Pandey
Devendra Gupta
Prateek Singhal
Mayank Dubey
Angam Parashar
Mohanish Makharia
IITB Track Winner(by rollover from First Runner-up)    Mrittika
Rohit Nyati
Aditi Mantri

Eureka! Business Stage 2 Results

The following teams have been selected for the final at The Entrepreneurship Summit. Due to a tie for the 10th position, 11 Finalists have been declared.

S.No.Team IDTeam Leader Name
1EUR1101181Aninda Sircar
2EUR1101424Rohit Shroff
3EUR1102013Ryan Freed
4EUR1102239Prashanto Das
6EUR1102292Deepa Vivekanandan
7EUR1102482Prateek Chaturvedi
8EUR110252Dr. Dinesh Verma
9EUR1103172Shreya Mishra
10EUR1103353Saurabh Ahuja
11EUR110757Sanchit Garg

Eureka! Social Results

The following teams have been selected for the final at The Entrepreneurship Summit

S.No.Team IDTeam Leader Name
1EUR1101951Abhinav Kumar
2EUR1103196Neha Juneja
3EUR110608Jaydeep Mandal
4EUR1101545Rajesh Mane
5EUR1103224Ecozen Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
6EUR1103235Mahbubur Rahman Turza
7EUR1103320Cynthia Koenig

Eureka! IITB Track Results

S.No.Team IDTeam Leader Name
1EUR1101424Rohit Shroff (eligible for BASES)
2EUR1102482Prateek Chaturvedi (eligible for BASES)
3EUR1103172Shreya Mishra (eligible for BASES)
4EUR110454Rohit Nyati
5From Pitch It!Nidhi Shanbhag

Eureka! - IIT Bombay's Business Plan Competition

Eureka! is an International Business Plan Competition which aims at encouraging people from across the globe to flesh out their ideas and form global enterprises that combine technology, vision and business acumen. It has been independently recognised as Asia’s largest Business Plan Competition by Thomson Reuters and CNN. Over a period of 13 years, Eureka! has grown from a competition consisting of 50 teams competing for INR 50,000 to over 2000 teams from around the world competing for more than INR 2.4 million in cash and prizes.

Eureka! Social - New Initiative

This year a social dimension has been added to Eureka! with a vision to foster innovative technology and business models aiming to add value to the people at the bottom of the pyramid and/or help build a greener tomorrow. This initiative is being extensively supported by global social organisations such as UnLtd India, Villgro and Grameen Creative Lab and will run as a parallel competition under the banner of Eureka! Social.

All Asia Business Plan Competition: TiE Global, in association with Rice University, conducts the all Asia B-Plan competition which provides a mentoring platform by senior entrepreneurs and investors from TiE. Three teams picked from the Mentor’s Meet would get a chance to pitch their B-Plan at Level One finals of TiE Mumbai.