Panel Discussion

Learning from Big Exits

Every exit is an entry to somewhere else. Thus not all exits in the startup world leads to an end. They could just be the beginning of new bigger opening. An exit in the startup ecosystem can either mean that the startup is on loss or it has a huge potential for it to be sold to a bigger fish. Private equity firms and VCs look at the growth history, future potential and management team to determine the risk and the value obtained by investing in a startup. Even sometimes, it is significant to know when to acquire or merge with another firm. And every startup should know why a specific company would like to buy their business. All these learnings are discussed here.

The missing bits in startup ecosystem

Although Indian startup ecosystem has seen an exponential growth in the recent years, the journey of a startup in India is not very easy compared to those in other developed ecosystems. There are still a lot of enhancements needed in the current ecosystem to take itself to full potential. This discussion will revolve around scope of improvements in the Govt. policies, Patents, IP protection and Exit options. Also it would also throw light upon some favourable changes required in the mindset and culture of both entrepreneurs and investors to establish a better ecosystem.

Jobs v/s Entrepreneurship v/s Higher education

Are you one of those students, who is confused about what career to pursue after college? Doubts of what is actually in store in different career streams haunt you at times? Welcome to the biggest panel discussion on different aspects of life in jobs, start-ups and higher education with real experts in respective domains. We bring to you “Job v/s Entrepreneurship v/s Higher Education”. A panel discussion aimed at solving all your doubts and bringing in the true picture of life in different career streams.

Global Melange

The best place to get a flavour of the confluence of various leading prominent ecosystems across the globe such as Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Singapore etc. We will get an overview of how these colossal systems work, deal and manage things. We will take a look on the peculiarities of each of the ecosystems. The discussion would also cover the story of emergence of each of the ecosystems. And it ends by touching upon what India can take away from each of them elaborating their pros.

Next Big What?

2015 was a momentous year for the space, with billions of dollars invested, but a sharp consolidation is around the corner.

Way forward in Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurs bring in their techno-commercial expertise in the domain of human and environmental well-being. They do not wait for others to solve the problems faced by a society but take it upon themselves to fix the issues. With the country booming on the economic front, there is a greater need to align the society with the increasing economy.