‘The Global Mèlange’

Silicon Valley. Tel-Aviv in Israel. Singapore. Belgium. The Netherlands. Bangalore. Powai Valley

Each Startup Ecosystem has its own fascinating history. Enthralling Ideas. Ebullient participants. Accomplished Mentors

Witness for yourself how they came into being, What’s cooking now, and the Next-Big-What! as the Startup villages showcase themselves on the IIT Bombay campus

Join us as we celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship – the one that binds entrepreneurs together, beyond geographical boundaries and locations

We've something for everybody!

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Innovate. Compete. Achieve.

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Panel Discussions

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Summit Highlights

Innovation Conclave

This Entrepreneurship Summit brings together the nation’s nonpareil speakers on innovation and the leading Indian innovators themselves.

iHack 2016

At iHack, we bring together India’s best coders, developers, designers, innovators, creators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. I Hack is geared up for those who are passionate about building, designing and innovating.

Startup Expo

Startup Expo provides a platform for innovative startups from all over the country to get in touch with thousands of potential customers and investors while attendees learn the technique of what made a startup so big.

Lean Startup Workshop

Lean Startup workshop is an intensive three-day workshop which teaches entrepreneurs and innovators how to build disruptive products using Lean Startup methodologies.

Internship & Job Fair

The Internship and Job Fair aims at connecting startup enthusiast graduates/undergraduates to the startups so that they get the relevant experience in their desired field.

Business Conclave

An initiaitve targeted for professionals to give them updates about their specific industry by experts and also a platform to promote intra-networking.

The 10 Minute Million

Let's face it – Getting financial backing is difficult. For most, it's not a pleasant experience. We are trying to revolutionize this by exposing you to panelists who might back you with INR 1.5 Million in just 10 Minutes!


Bringing you the most awaited Networking Events of E-Summit 2016. Every startup, investor, mentor, entrepreneur, student and professional is invited to connect with the best in the country.










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