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Design Thinking

Hailed as a novel way of thinking-employing the combination of the empathy for the problem,creative insights and rational analysis- design thinking is quickly gaining ground. This approach has moved fast from the just design and engineering applications to business and management as well. Design thinking makes you look at the problems more closely than you earlier would have to find more efficient solutions to them, and ain’t that what an entrepreneur needs?

Key Takeaways

  • Learning to appreciate (and capture) consumer perspective in problem definition
  • Ideation in teams, unbridled with technological feasibility
  • Product conceptualisation

Know your trainer

Tim Malbon

Founder, Made By Many

Tim Malbon is a founding partner of Made By Many, one of our favourite agencies in the UK. Over the last 5 years Tim has grown the company from a small consultancy incubated in the corner of an advertising agency, to a 30+ team of designers and hackers.

Focusing on lean and agile practices, they are one of the only agencies in the UK to have successfully integrated a user experience practice with an agile development methodology.