We bring to you the most awaited Networking Events of E-Summit 2017. Every startup, investor, mentor, entrepreneur, student and professional is invited to connect with the best in the country


Idea Validation Arena
If you are thinking of starting a business it’s going to be out there in the world. Not inside your head. Hence after every Idea Generation process it’s pivotal to get the Idea validated by an expert in that industry rather than validating them in your head. Idea Validation Arena aims to provide a networking opportunity with experts from different sectors so that participants can test the feasibility of their idea.

Pitch in a Cab
Ever wondered how a cab ride can be memorable? E-Summit offers you the exact opportunity to do so! Pitch a cab with one of the top investors visiting E-Summit , where selected start-ups would be allowed to pitch their ideas to the investors. It will involve a 15-20 minutes ride around the lush green campus while having an exclusive one to one interaction with the investors. If you don’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity

Chat with Entrepreneurs
What could be better than to read about the entrepreneurs and take the business world experience from it? What to do with the curiosities you have in your mind which no one but the big people themselves can answer? The answer is simple. Just have a chat with them! Take a look how the most innovative minds in the business world look like, how close are you to them? Here at this event, we allow you to have a one on one interaction with most unique startup-founders of India. Not a chance to let go!!

A Minute to Pitch It
Networking connects you to the masters of the business community who have what it takes to metamorphosize your model to a successful business venture- investment . Investment is the fertilizer to your business. Develop a one minute pitch to tap the investors by the potential of your idea. Gear up for a date with your fate. Choose your words carefully and let your ideas do the talking Remember you just got a minute to pitch it and strike it rich

Investor's Speed Dating
Long working hours? Busy schedule? Setting up pitch meets takes too much effort? In a world where time is of the essence, speed dating is an efficient way to meet entrepreneurs, exchange ideas and make connections. In a world where time is money, make each minute count. You only need 10.


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