Lean Startup workshop is an intensive two-day workshop which teaches entrepreneurs and innovators how to build disruptive products using Lean Startup methodologies.You Learn how to execute ideas that make a difference to the real world.

You acquire skills needed to identify, test, and eliminate the barriers to a viable business model. With focus on validation and fail fast succeed faster, you are sure to progress more in two days than most others do in six months.

You will change the way you work with your clients and the best part you Learn the methodology by doing. You need not be technical sound but should come armed with a basic understanding of web analytics, business metrics, and their current business model, plus a willingness to share with one another.

How it works



The workshop kicks off with a series of product pitches that help attendees organize into teams. Everyone works on a NEW idea. Each team then develops its problem hypothesis, solution hypothesis and a series of assumptions which are core to the success of the business.


Next, each team creates an MVP, or "Minimum Viable Product." The goal of the MVP test is to "Get Out Of the Building," speak with real customers and to get their idea validated.


The process promotes a problem-centric approach to business ideation. By continuously validating and invalidating assumptions, teams are forced to pivot their solution (and even problem) toward a true customer pain; rather than creating a solution and after-the-fact seeking customers with a problem.


The event culminates with each team pitching its new solutions and its experience using the process. In this competition the winning team is not selected based on who has the best idea, but instead on which team honors the process and gains the most insights through its pivots.

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Day 1 (27th January)

8:30 AM
Doors open - Registration

9:00 AM
Introduction and team formation.

10:00 AM
Workshop I: Introduction to Lean What is lean startup?

10:30 AM
Workshop II: Experiment Board + Case Study What is lean startup?

11:00 AM
Teams begin working.
Goal: Brainstorm on the Javelin Board, and design your first experiment! DO NOT define your solution yet

11:30 AM
Workshop III: Customer Segmentation
How to define/refine your customer for experimentation? Frameworks for segmentation.

12:00 PM
Teams begin working.
Goal: Refine your customer segment.

12:30 PM
Get Out of the Building!
Get out and talk to your customers! Test your Hypothesis, in/validate your Riskiest Assumption, and record your learnings. Grab lunch while you are out. Come back and record learnings

2:00 PM
Workshop IV: Customer Development
How do you find and talk to your customers? Learn the Dos & Don’ts of customer interviews and how to use the data from customer exploration.

2:30 PM
Teams begin working.
Goal: Create an interview.

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Get Out of the Building!
Get out and talk to your refined customer segment! Test your Hypothesis, in/validate your Riskiest Assumption,and record your learnings.

Day 2 (28th January)

Doors Open

Workshop V: MVP
Found a customer with a pain point? Sell before you have anything to sell.

Teams begin working.
Goal: Create an MVP.

Get Out of the Building!
Go back out and continue exploration if you haven’t found a problem yet. If you do have a problem identified,move towards pitching your ideas to customers and get validation.

2:00 PM
Presentations Begin

4:00 PM
Workshop VI: Lean Beyond
the workshop
How to apply lean in your work life?




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Frequently Asked Questions

These workshops are relevant for students, startups & professionals and don’t require any prerequisites.
All of them would focus more on discussion and hands on rather than just lectures.
Yes, certificates would be given at the end of each workshop.
No, upon registration of any of the workshops there is no need to pay for E-Summit entry fees. Along with the workshop you register for, you can attend any event during the summit.
Yes, accommodation & food are available but you have to pay separately for them, which would be provided for 26, 27 & 28 January.



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