Today, economy across the world are witnessing a massive change mainly driven by the students in the form of entrepreneurial thinking. This change may perhaps be the most crucial step in moulding the future of our nation. Understanding the importance of this change, various IITs, IIMs, IIITs and other colleges across India have started fostering innovative entrepreneurial thinking; which is the prime agenda of various EDCs and E-Cells setup in those colleges. To make a global impact and work in a sustained manner. Thus the motive of E-Connect can be summarised as “CONNECT. ASCEND. CONQUER.”. Enhancing the extensive network and an enormous pool of resources commanded by each institute; and leverage the differences, originating from the abrasion of working individuals in various fields, to observe things which are complementary to them. These connections, in due time, will lead our nation towards the apex of the entrepreneurial pyramid.


The premier institutes like IITs, IIMs and IIITs were established in with an aim to advance knowledge through education and research and also as a service to the community and the nation. Being the technological Institutes and having one of the fastest growing Incubation Cells primarily suggests that we should be the source of not only tomorrow’s tech corporate leaders but also swarm of Ventures. This session (after Presentation and Pitch by all the participating institutes) will surely be an astounding session and eye-opener for many of us, wherein Heads of E-Cell/EDC will discuss the current scenarios in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, identify problems, discussion upon the strategies and approach for solving the problem, and will finally come up with the possible avenues to work together in the near future. This newly established synergies will ensure a much faster growth in the entrepreneurial ecosystem through a relentless exchange of information, ideas and talent between all these premier institutes who have a well-established E-Cell, essentially covering India, and its best minds.




1. Number of team members required is mentioned in the description. Please make sure that you have the right numbers before reaching any competition venue.
2. All competitions will be open for on-ground registration as well. However, in case of high demand, participants registered online will be given preference.
3. You will be informed via mailer when the exact schedule is uploaded.
4. All competitions are completely free of cost.
5. In order to participate, you must either have E-Summit ID or IITB College ID.
6. Any violation of the above rules will lead to penalties.

This is a humble request to all that competitions are designed to provide you with an interactive learning experience. Please do not get carried away with sentiments.
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4th - 450
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