Welcome to the thrill of a live auction! Put yourself in the shoes of a bidder to build the dream team that you always wanted in these racy hours of nerves, strategy, game theory and gut.If you love cricket, if you have followed IPL and if you can mix common sense with passion into your bidding strategy, this event is a must for you.


Participate in Teams of 3

Stage 1: Sports Quiz:

The quiz will contain questions from Sports (mainly from Cricket). It will be an elimination round and top 8 teams will be selected for the final round.

Stage 2: Bidding Round:

The 8 final teams will compete in a Live auction of players. Each team will be given a fixed budget which will be used for the auction. The aim will be to build a squad that maximizes the total ratings of the players of the team in limited budget along with the constraints on total number of players. If you like taking calculated risks, this competition is for you. Feel the live auction here!!


1st Prize worth INR 20,000/-
2nd Prize worth INR 15,000/-
Skills Learned: Financial Optimisation, Bidding.


This one-of-its kind game where you are part of the board of a corporation which is going through a major decision. Make allies, know your oppositions, influence the neutral people and Put forward your point of view in front of 14 other stakeholders of the corporation.

What is the board of directors?
A board of directors is a recognized group of people who jointly oversee the activities of an organization (startup in this case)


This is an individual game (no teams) where every player represents a board member.
You are a board member of a startup and your startup is going through a major decision. Discuss among the board to either pass/decline the motion.
You will be assigned your role and an agenda which will decide your stance in the discussion. Usual roles in a board meeting are CEO, CFO, investors, industry experts and major stakeholders.


1st Prize worth INR 20,000/-
2nd Prize worth INR 15,000/-
Sills Learned: Desicion-making, convincing, public speaking


Do you have it in you to master the system and game it to your advantage?
Play a Business simulation game, complete with production and trading opportunities. Decide what the best distribution of resources would be, to produce the maximum results from your company. Trade your goods with others in the Market, gathering the goods in scarcity and amassing a profit for yourself. The prices of the goods fluctuate with availability. Would you be able to guess the scarce items and make a fortune for yourself?


Participate in Teams of 3
Each team is given resources to physically produce goods. There would be certain allowance to buy more resources. The teams, now have to produce market goods using these resources. The teams can choose how much to produce to meet the requirements and make maximum profits.

The Wolf of Wall Street would have teams of 3, with each team being given resources to physically produce goods for their teams. There would be certain minimum requirements for each resource and the teams can choose how much to produce to meet the requirements and make maximum profits.
Teams would also be allowed to trade their goods with each other to gather those which they think are scarce and would get them the most profits. Based on total production of the goods, the market prices would keep fluctuating and the winners would be the ones with the highest valued portfolio at end of game.


1st prize worth Rs.15,000
2nd prize worth Rs.10,000
Skills Learned: Supply-Demand Management; Time Optimization.


"Where smartness alone isn’t enough"
Are you ready to fight off against the best quizzing minds in the country?
Do you have it to forge through all the levels of the game to emerge victorious?
If yes, then the Biz-Quiz is the right destination for you ! With funny trivia to not so trivial twisters - you will find it all right here. But smartness alone isn’t enough, right? An entrepreneurial mindset along with a bit of knowledgeable is the key in this quiz. Crack difficult situations,play your strengths and take calculated risks.


Participate in Teams of 2

Stage 0 (Online):

Participants competing in Bizquiz Crypt Hunt, will get some extra score, in addition to their stage 1 score based on their performance in the Crypt Hunt.

Stage 1 (Eliminations):

All the teams will be allowed to participate in the eliminations in a team of 2. Top 8 teams will be selected for stage 2.

Stage 2 (Finals):

8 teams proceed to this round which would include a team of 2. There will be multiple interesting rounds to test your knowledge, instant thinking and risk taking abilities. If you think you can win this, be there!


1st Prize worth INR 15,000
2nd Prize worth INR 10,000
Skills Learned: General Business Awareness, Mental Aptitude


Want to experience how start-ups and businesses take strategic decision? Want to experience and solve real life business problems?
This event will give more than just peek into it:
✓ Simulation of a real-life business challenge
✓ Devise your strategy for efficient resource utilization
✓ Ideate new ways to evolve start-up


Participate in Teams of 2


You will be given problem statements of start-ups facing challenges.


Build a business strategy that will consider problems your start-up is facing and come up with the ultimate solution to soar high in the ecosystem.


1st Prize worth INR 10,000/-
2nd Prize worth INR 5,000/-
(for each of the case studies)

Skills Learned: Real-life problem Solving; innovative thinking.


Ever wished to take decisions like Iron bank, handling finances of different houses. Do you believe that you can predict the outcome of a war. This competition needs well planned strategies and high-end intuition. Expect a lots of twists and turns throughout your way and each time you think you ace it you will be blasted with shocks.


Participate in teams of 3

Each house has their own stock prices and you have to divide your funds according to your interests and your predictions of different situations like wars, famines, breakdowns.

After the problems statement is announced, participants will submit their designed policies and the divided budget. After running the algorithms on the submissions, maximum points will be awarded to the team with the most efficient allocation. There will be 4 such rounds with different crisis problems and the cumulative scores will decide the winner.


1st Prize worth INR 20,000/-

2nd Prize worth INR 15,000/-



Crowdfunding is “The use of small amounts of capital collected from a large number of individuals to finance a new business venture."
Crowdfunding has the potential to increase entrepreneurship by expanding the pool of investors from whom funds can be raised beyond the traditional circle of owners, relatives and venture capitalists. Crowdfunding is a game changer in the start-up fund raising space.

Have you ever had an idea that you wanted to expand upon but didn’t have the necessary tools to develop it?
Did you have passion for something that you couldn’t take forward because of lack of money?
“Crowd pitch “ is a crowd funding competition for creative projects and ideas. It is platform where project creators/startups/individuals can present their ideas to a connected audience and to the panelists from the crowdfunding industry.
It's a place where motivated creators and innovators can access funding and support beyond 'official' channels. If you have the aspirations..and passion to create, this is the place to make great things possible.
It doesn't matter if you're a student, an intern, part-time photographer, aspiring illustrator, a tech-startup, an aspiring movie maker, an indie musician or anyone with just an idea who desires to Pitch it to the crowd.


- Technology/Startup/Ecommerce/Games
- Movies/Music/Theatre
- Art /Design/Fashion
- Sports
- Photography
- Book and Publishing/Comics
- Social
- Education
- Community and Healthcare
- Food and restaurant


The competition consists of 2 parts:
The startup side and the other student side.
Contingent points would be for participating from student side.

Rules for startup:

Stage 1: Brief your idea

Send your brief idea (Problem, solution, market analysis, team, unique selling point in the form of a ppt) to with Subject Crowdpitch_[Your Startup Name]
* Last date for submission : Jan 22nd – 11:59 pm

Stage 2: Pitch your idea

12 shortlisted teams- will be allowed to make a 5 minutes live pitch at the session at E-Summit. They need to convince the judges and the crowd why they think the crowd should invest in their ideas ? Explain pros and cons.


The judging would be done by investors/professionals from the concerned field.
The ideas would be judged on the basis of :
1)How strong your team is ?
2)How creative or innovative is the idea / concept ?
3)Feasibility of the idea/product/business venture
4)Your Presentation as a whole

Rules for Students

Virtual Crowd-funding:

Every participant will be given a fixed virtual currency. The Pitchers will be asking the participants to fund their idea through the virtual money. The ideas getting the highest funded amounts and selected by Judges will be the winner.


For Students:
1st prize worth Rs.20,000
2nd prize worth Rs.15,000

You want to get into Stock-broker’s Shoes?


Have you ever wondered how stock prices vary so rapidly? What are the factors that predict the value of a stock? How are some people just expert at investing? Get the answer to all those questions in this interactive activity of making stock-pitches.

What is Stock-pitch?
A detailed pitch for giving a recommendation to people about whether they should buy or sell a particular stock. With a bit knowledgeable is the key in this quiz. Crack difficult situations,play your strengths and take calculated risks.


Participate in Teams of 2

Stage 1:

There will be a workshop on making a stock-pitch, by the industry experts and a mock stock pitch will be presented to all the teams.

Stage 2:

Every team will select one company (from the given list) and prepare its Stock Pitch, taking into account all the major factors. Judging will be done on the basis of reasoning.


1st prize worth Rs.20,000
2nd prize worth Rs.15,000


  • Number of team members required is mentioned in the description. Please make sure that you have the right numbers before reaching any competition venue.
  • All competitions except Ola Mobility Challenge will be open of on ground registration as well. However, in case of high demand, participants registered online will be given preference.
  • You will be informed via mailer when the exact schedule is uploaded.
  • All competitions are completely free of cost.
  • In order to participate, you must either have E-Summit ID or IITB College ID.
  • Any violation of the above rules will lead to penalties.

This is a humble request to all that competitions are designed to provide you with an interactive learning experience. Please do not get carried away with sentiments.


  • 1st - 600
  • 2nd - 550
  • 3rd - 500
  • 4th - 450
  • 5th - 400


Day 1 (27th January)

12:00 PM
Game of Thrones
(Venue: LA 301)

12:00 PM
Triathlon 1
(Venue: LA 101)

12:30 PM
(Venue: LA 102)


2:30 PM
Wolf of Wall Streer
(Venue: LA 302)

2:30 PM
Triathlon 2
(Venue: LA 101)

3:00 PM
Bizquiz (Finals)
(Venue: Convo Front Lawns)

Day 2 (28th January)

10:30 AM
IPL Auction (Elims)
(Venue: LA 101)

10:30 AM
Ola Mobility Challenge
(Venue: LA 102)

10:30 AM
Board Room (Elims)
(Venue: LT 201, 202, 203)

01:00 PM
(Venue: LA 101)

01:00 PM
IPL Auction (Finals)
(Venue: Convo Front Lawns)

01:30 PM
(Venue: LA 102)

03:30 PM
Board Room (Finals)
(Venue: Convo Front Lawns)