Is anti-selling the new marketing strategy ?

The internet is a world full of memes and jokes that spark a viral trend on Twitter and then there is no stopping it. And food delivering app Zomato’s social media account is acing that game.

Recently, taking to their official Twitter account, Zomato tweeted saying, “Guys, kabhi kabhi ghar ka khana bhi kha lena chahiye.”

This was a well thought of, well strategized and a very innovative move by Zomato, to which most of the brands replied antiselling their own products. From Faasos, which is also a food delivering app, to YouTube India and PUBG mobile India, a lot of brands posted on the thread with their funny versions of the tweet.

But being the creator of this unique strategy, Zomato wasn’t the one to fall back behind. Zomato trolled them back by posting a screenshot of various brands copying their tweet and writing, “Guys, kabhi kabhi khud ke acche tweet bhi soch lene chahiye.”

But how is antiselling beneficial?

The base of any marketing strategy is to highlight the brands USP. Whatever a company is selling, it urges it’s people to buy. The number one of marketing remains that more the people see a brand, and talk about it, more is the possibility that they would turn into customers. And the sales and marketing team has always come up with some pretty amazing concepts to market their brand.

This highbrow move by Zomato has not only got it buzzing, but the ingenious mix of humour, colloquial language, and nostalgia attached to “Ghar ka khaana” made it possible for them to connect heart to heart with their customer group.

Toh ghar ka khaana kab khaoge?

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