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“Welcome to our blog! The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay was founded in 1998 with the motto of promoting entrepreneurship inside as well as beyond the walls of the IIT campus. One of the founders of E-Cell was Anshuman Bapna, an alumnus of IITB and Stanford School of Business. Anshuman also started Eureka and was the Co-Founder of the first ever startup in IIT Bombay. Here is what he said about why he started E-Cell.

”I had finished my 2nd year at that time and one day when I was talking to a senior and it so happened that my senior asked me if I would do an MBA or a job or masters after graduation. So suddenly I asked ‘what if I start my own company’? The senior laughed it off and that rattled me. So I spent an entire year going all over the country, meeting people and going wherever there were entrepreneurship institutes like there was one in Ahmedabad, and there were hardly any incubators at that time but I met the first few VCs of those days. In my 4th year, I finally started my 1st company, our investor was an alum from IITB called Rakesh Mathur who had started a company called junglee.com which was later sold to Amazon for $100million. Once in the USA we stopped over at Stanford and we went to check out the computer science department and we passed by a room when one of my friends suddenly told me that have you heard of this company called ‘google’ which just came out which is a search engine and by the way the guys who built it are those 2 guys sitting in that room over there. So the fact that students in the USA can build companies was very evident even at my time and I wanted the same spirit in India”.

Currently, we are a team of 20 managers who are third-year students, 2 Overall coordinators who are fourth-year students and many enthusiastic sophomores, pursuing our undergraduate studies at IITB.

All of us are not entrepreneurs, although some of us are trying our luck at it. But all of us share the common belief that for India to emerge as a world power, the youth has to break the shackles of prejudices and inertia that keeps them from starting up.  Every alternate day we meet in a 18X18X14 room, popularly known as the E-Cell room which is inside the Students’ Activity Centre, to brainstorm about how we can make the entrepreneurial ecosystem better.

We learn with every passing day. We get inspired by interacting with entrepreneurs at a very personal level and learning about their struggle stories. When we go to conferences, we get awed by the professionalism that the corporate world has to offer. We are elated when a wonderful idea for an event strikes us. We feel proud of ourselves when we negotiate with the CMOs of big shot firms. We are overwhelmed when our posters and designs are liked by hundreds of our followers. So that’s our story!

We want to communicate the same inspiration and awareness to the ecosystem around us. We want to share our reading and well as personal experiences. This blog is created to keep people connected with the entrepreneurial world.

Don’t forget to leave a comment when you see our posts. We love hearing from our readers and followers.

Any suggestions or recommendations for posts would be more than welcome. You can write to us at enspace@ecell.in or contact our team.

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