Our Vision

We, at The Entrepreneurship Cell, share the common belief that for India to emerge as a world power, the youth has to break the shackles of prejudices and inertia that has kept them from starting up. Creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem to provide the platform for individuals with creative minds and ideas with potential for substantial business opportunities, is what we strive towards continually. We enable smooth and efficient interaction between its principal components spanning students, faculty, working professionals, aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, mentors, angel investors and venture capitalists.


Success has always had myriad connotations for every individual. For some it is recognition in society, and for some, success is about evolution. E - Cell, through its activities and competitions, has achieved both. 16 years of unprecedented work and planning has led to E-Cell being recognized as the Leading Entrepreneurship Promoting Student Organization in the country by the ‘NEN Achievement Awards’ instituted by the Wadhwani Foundation and felicitated at TiECon 2005.

One among the various milestones achieved in its quest for perfection was the success in making ‘Eureka!', E-cell's B-Plan competition, Asia's largest in 2001. CNN as well as Thomson Reuters have now recognized ‘Eureka!’ as Asia's largest Business Model competition.

Success, for us, is not only about the milestones we reach but is also about the number of lives we affect during our journey. With this in mind, we helped in the establishment of 150+ E-Cells in about 80 cities across the nation, through our initiative, National Entrepreneurship Challenge. The Entrepreneurship Summit is our annual flagship event, which has received patronage from UNESCO, Make in india, Digital India and Startup India. It brings together the leading entrepreneurs of the world and caters to all those crazy rebels who wish to change the world, start their own business or fund a business and become a trend-setter. Eminent personalities like Mr. Travis Kalanick (Founder & CEO, Uber), Sachin Bansal( Co-founder & Executive chairman, Flipkart) Mr. Nandan Nilekani (Co-founder, Infosys), Dr. Werner Vogels, (CTO, Amazon.com) have been a part of the Summit.

Success Stories

These successes have not been entirely ours.It has been a slow and rewarding journey for us as well as the participants who participated in Eureka! . A quick look at some of the most successful ventures that have sprung out of Eureka! over the years.

  • 2014


    Leaf, started by a bunch of IIT Delhi students featured their company as one of the most innovative kind in the country. After winning Eureka! Social Track, they listed in Top 50 startups at Global Entrepreneurship Week and in Top 50 Innovative companies in India through IIGP. They also won The Ten Minutes Million at The Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 at IIT Bombay..

  • 2013


    Zostel is India's first backpacking youth hostel chain. Backpacking is a style of travelling where people look out for value travel and find value in an accommodation that offers just the right amount of facilities that are required for a comfortable stay. The spectrum of accommodation options in India leaves a wide collar of white space between cheap, inhospitable lodges/ hotels (Rs. 200) and mid-budget semi-premium hotels (Rs.1000+). Their brand aims at meeting this demand supply gap and offering a value solution to the customers.

  • 2007


    Winners of Eureka 2007, they received funding of 50,00,000 on the day of the finals itself and since then have had three very successful products.Mymage: A very novel photo booth product in partnership with Sega, Japan as well as Licenses from Disney and UTV High 5: First ever machine to combine Prize Vending and Ticket Redemption Cricket 20-20: India's first 20-20 gaming machine.

  • July 2003


    Winners of Eureka! 2003. It has helped over 300,000 people in getting certified and advancing their careers at a whopping success rate of 99.7%. Whizlabs offerings have been endorsed by many distinguished organizations, such as TheServerside.com, JavaLobby, Certcities, and Wrox publications. Whizlabs today is a global leader in Java Certification Exam preparation. (www.whizlabs.com )

  • 2001


    Winners of Eureka 2001, eInfinitus Technologies is a research oriented routing technology venture, founded by alumnus of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of IIT Bombay, India. It received 1.5 crores in their first round of funding from Sicom Ventures and later sold off to Cisco Systems in a deal reported to be in the range of a whopping 45 million dollars.

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