The Entrepreneurship Summit is a confluence of visionary students, professionals or anybody who wishes to be one of those crazy rebels who will change the world, start his own business or fund a business and become a trend-setter. E-Summit is a unique initiative in India that:

  • Facilitates the interaction between students, industry experts, business leaders, investors and entrepreneurs who share the common zeal for being out of the league
  • Showcases the global trends in entrepreneurship, and how the Indian ecosystem is keeping pace with these trends
  • Serves as a one stop destination to learn as well apply the skills needed to be an entrepreneur
  • Provides a meet-up point for the youth to interact with their role models and learn from their experiences
  • Acts a catalyst in introducing students into the world of entrepreneurship by providing them the opportunity learn about it by a myriad of ways which include competitions, panel discussions, workshops

CR Program

The E-Cell, IIT Bombay is reaching out to all the colleges across India to promote entrepreneurial outlook among students by engaging them with different activities of the E-Cell, IIT Bombay.

A student would be selected as a College Representative from every college based on his aptitude for business and entrepreneurship who will then get to interact with the E-Cell, IIT Bombay actively. The selected College Representative, in his entire tenure, would represent E-Cell, IIT Bombay in their college and would be equipped with tools that would be aimed to bring about his personal development as well as advancement of the entrepreneurial eco-system in his college.
For more info - https://ecell.in/cr/


Aimed at encouraging people all around the world to unleash their inventive potential,and flesh out ideas spanning multiple dimensions, Eureka! is Asia’s largest B-Plan competition as acknowledged independently by CNN and Thomas Reuters.

Designed to emulate the process of the growth of an idea to a full-fledged startup, Eureka! prides itself on providing a 360 degree, holistic experience in the 5 month period that it spans. Right from acknowledging that your idea has potential, to writing a B-Plan, and pitching in front of an investor- this platform has it all !

Over the 14 years of its existence, Eureka has grown from a competition in which 50 teams compete for INR 50,000 , to a competition which sees over 6000 entries competing for prizes worth INR 4 Million with excellent networking opportunities in India and the Silicon Valley !
For more info - https://ecell.in/eureka/

National Entrepreneurship Challenge

This is a competition created with the vision to promote entrepreneurship amidst all the college campuses in India, and make people realise that coming up with an innovative idea is no rocket science, NEC is the first of its kind pan-India competition undertaken by The Entrepreneurship Cell , IIT Bombay.

In the first year of its inception we got huge response of over 150 colleges participating pan India and the competition ended with the finals being conducted during the E Summit and.. The competition involved completing series of structured tasks divided into Awareness, Idea generation, Club activities and Stand up for Society aiming to make a steady progress towards establishing an e-cell in the respective colleges. For more info - https://ecell.in/nec/


The annual flagship event which caters to nearly all your startup needs. Be it networking or product showcase or expert advice on topics from legal issues related with startups to HR needs of a startup. It is a two day conference where we have workshops, speaker session, panel discussion and competitions going all over. Just to mention some of them were
User experience and Product design, VC funding, Big data, Gamification etc

  • Startup expo

    Startup Expo provides a platform for innovative startups from all over the country to get in touch with thousands of its potential customers and investors. It also provides an opportunity for the attendees to learn about the new entrepreneurial techniques that these startups have used to become successful in their journey.

  • Investors Arena

    Getting invested is the ultimate dream of any startup If you have ever had a business idea that you really believed in but haven’t born with a silver spoon, the first thing that comes to mind is the ‘investor’ or ‘funds’. However only a few of us actually understand what it actually takes to convince somebody pump their money. Hence the aim of this event is to break the ice between startups looking for funding and investors.

  • Business Mentoring arena

    Setting up a business isn’t an easy ride. There are many hurdles that an entrepreneur might have to overcome in the process. These problems would be identifying the right customer segment, should you bootstrap or should you give stake to an investor for funds, understanding your competition etc. These problems can be solved by mentors with expertise in different sectors. The business mentoring arena aims to fulfil these needs.
    For more info - E-Summit